Friday, 4 September 2009

Holidays are over?

It’s noticeable on every step – street are much more busy and full of rowdy teenagers. Days are getting significantly shorter. For no apparent reason people tend to fall into autumnal depression as their organisms receive less and less daylight. In my case this year it goes the other way round. I feel much better when it’s either dark or when the day is one of those foggy, overcast, damp, chilly. Maybe it squares with my dark nature?

All in all Mother Nature isn’t stupid and I’m sure she has carefully thought out the arrangement of changing seasons of the year. I’ve noticed that the year (in our latitude and climate) consists of seasons which naturally go by to give way to the next ones. We’re fed up with winter and then comes the spring when the nature is brought back to life, we’re waiting for the warmer and longer days, but after a while we’re missing some cool air and greyness. A Or am I an exception longing for it?

For me holidays aren’t over yet. Tomorrow I’m heading for Jelenia Góra to visit, or actually meet my family found after years through nasza-klasa. Hopefully this time I won’t be pulled back to Warsaw earlier (than on Friday when the return is due) and next Saturday there will be decent photo coverage of early autumn, always beautiful in the Polish mountains.


marry said...

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Island1 said...

What do you mean "meet my family"? Sounds like an interesting story.

Bartek Usniacki said...
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