Sunday, 11 October 2009

The winter bike

Left: my newly-bought piece of equipment – a stationary bike. For some it’s an item allowing them to exercise on a daily basis, for others a substitute of a real bike for the months when for various reasons one can’t cycle. I’d opt for the first application of a stationary bike – I made a resolution to get on it each day and pedal for a half an hour, what in my pace, according to the device’s meter means riding thirteen kilometres (average speed – 26 kmph). Irrespective of the weather it gives me the opportunity to have an everyday workout, but it can’t make up for normal cycling, which involves contact with the nature, breathing in fresh air (or fumes from exhaust pipes – depends on where you ride), exploring new places, exposing your skin to the sun, contemplating the beauty of the landscape. Here, staying in one place for thirty minutes I need to get busy with something else – that’s why I have to take a book, a newspaper, a copybook, a phone (more pedalling means more top-ups, more points on allegro, more bonuses, etc.), eventually I can turn to my last resort – the TV is just in front of the bicycle, but that must be really the last resort…

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