Sunday, 28 February 2010

The spring pops over and beckons

I was going to write today polemics to a next article about Polish pension system, but the ongoing vernal episode has brought me on putting off the mundane things and told me to entertain you with some pictures.

The thaw began on 18 February and according to weather forecast is going to last until Wednesday, but ten days turned out to be enough to let the layer of over fifty centimetres of snow melt away, fortunately without causing a flood.

In the first days of thaw temperatures were only creeping above zero, the considerable warmth came this week. In the afternoons Warsaw saw temperatures of almost ten degrees plus sunshine.

The snows have melted quite quickly. Above – the same place, ul. Zimowa in NI on 21 February and on 27 February. The second picture looks rather bleak compared to the first one.

Above – what I observed on the snow last Sunday. On fields, where the snow had stayed intact wind or some other natural power formed beautiful ripples. The picture to the right was snapped from the same place, though in a different direction. Watch out for the turret of the church in Stara Iwiczna in the distance, strewn bottles and the puzzling mist behind the row of the trees.

I took the photos below yesterday. They generally display nothing but the fabulous riot of colours at sunset. Magnificent, isn’t it?

Today beautiful weather drew me for a morning longish meandering around Piaseczno. Right – an alley running between blocks of flats built in 1960s. The foliages of the trees have been cut down. The pavement could have not been cleared for the whole winter, almost no one around, looking towards the shining sun.

Right – a bazaar in Piaseczno. It will last a while before those piles of snow disappear. And below a tower block whose existence I discovered today. It does resemble other Polish buildings of that type. My first association Was "Canada".

Right – a mound of dirty snow, mud, grit and ground at the corner of ul. Sikorskiego and al. Róż in Piaseczno. It must have been mammoth if even despite the thaw and being exposed to sunbeams it remained that large.

And next to it… Is it abnormal to see rubbish scattered around like this in a civilised country or is it abnormal to snap it and post on a blog run in a foreign language?

Then I strolled through the estate where I used to live. I wonder how it will look in thirty or forty years. Will it turn into a shanty town dwelled only by the poor and the dregs of society? A square metre of a flat in one of such blocks costs now around 6,000 zlotys. Two times too much!

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