Sunday, 4 July 2010

A sigh of relief

Or not yet? Perish the thought! It was a close call - depending on the poll Mr Komorowski has the edge of two to seven percentage points over Mr Kaczynski.

This day was marked for me by a blend of fear and certainty. I somehow felt Poles have their heads screwed in and remember the rule of Jarosław Kaczyński and his deceased brother, but the certainty was balanced by fear. The fear that Poles would shrug off the election, go fr holidays, etc. Today in the morning I was queuing up for five minutes to cast a vote and people around didn't look like PO-voters. Then in the afternoon I cycled around the neighbourhood and stopped outside a few polling stations. I looked at those faces, I came back home, turned the TV on and looked at those faces and feared the worst, though hoped for the best.

The turnout, around 53 per cent, lower than two weeks ago, wasn't impressive, but majority of Poles decided to take the matters into their hands and choose a peaceful and future-oriented president. Now it's time for Poland to move ahead, without squabbling, suspisions, without playing dirty and putting into practice the old adage "end justifies the means". Yes, I still claim Mr Komorowski will probably be a mediocre president, but he is predictable and at least he guarantees peaceful, balanced presidency, based on mutual respect, co-operation, pursuit of compromise and mutual respect.

I wonder when the first protest is logded to the supreme court and I wonder what the supporters of Mr Kaczynski feel now. If you can share your emotions with me, leave a comment please.

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