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Resurfaced to the right, departed to the left

A hommie [homosexual] is a natural being. They’ve been around for millennia and haven’t bothered anyone. While the gays are ordinary loots imported from abroad. Most of them aren’t even hommies. They are paid to pretend to be hommies. Those imported from abroad persons pretend to be hommies, for money, money paid to break up society and impute wacky principles.

When a woman has a pimple on her face, she’d rather stay at home. And so should the disabled do.
It’s not about aesthetics; there is one tenet in the society: who keeps company with the wolves, will learn to howl, hence watching, incidentally admirable, efforts of para-olympic sportsmen might bring about disruptions in one’s fitness. If we want mankind to develop, we should watch only beautiful, strong, honest and clever people on TV, not deviants, murderers, weaklings, losers, idiots and, alas, the disabled.
We might be happy the disabled organise championships. But what they do, has little to do with sport. You could stage chess tournament for morons equally well.

I belong to so-called secular right wing. This means I am Catholic and hold high the role of religion in the society, but I am against interference of churches (particularly the Roman-Catholic church) into politics. (…) Nevertheless, the Church not only trades in hope, but also convinces people to live in decency. The price for this is worth paying. The other story is whether we are not paying over the odds. Too fat priest is usually a bad priest!

Each kind of socialism, including euro-socialism, is a system based on slavery. And such system is economically inefficient, as evidence proves. Young people sense it and flee. Poles flee to the UK, the Britons flee to the USA… While politically mature Europeans deal with problem of number of votes Poland will have in EU Council vs. the number allocated to Germany. What’s the difference whether Europe is ruled by a socialist sap from Germany or from Poland? A socialist is a socialist, regardless of his political membership and should be returned to re-education camp. Topic closed.

I’d love to disenfranchise many citizens, not only women.
A woman becomes infested with views of a man with who she sleeps. After all a male was designed a such that thousands of spermatozoons go to waste; they morph into a woman’s body and turn into image and likeness of a man she belongs.
Women must not be too clever. The natural evolution mechanism sees to it. An intelligent being would not withstand keeping company to a babbling child for more than an hour. For such reason (and not only) men prefer not to start relationships with intelligent women. Their instinct tells them their offspring should have proper care.

The gist of democracy is that if sir and lady and I are on deserted island, then by majority of votes we can resolve that the lady will go to bed with sir and with me interchangeably. This is how democracy works. And if we have supermajority, we can sign it into the constitution…
How can a system, in which two drunkards have two votes and a university professor has one vote, last? It takes to be an idiot to feel good in such system.

The outrage about paedophilia is disproportionate. Lewis Carroll (the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) was fond of eight-year-old girls. Not just his neighbours, but also ladies from upper classes would send their daughters to his home, being thoughtful of the fact being touched by a man (moderately, within limits) rises up womanhood and helps rather than harms and makes immune to similar courtship in the future. Of course, coercing anyone, not to mention intercourse, or heaven forbid raping, should be severely punished.
I demanded that prosecutor’s office initiated an inquest into effecting paedophilia at schools. I would personally prefer that my daughter is taken care of by a paedophile (not rapist), who’d spank her buttocks, grope her breast, caress and kiss, than if she was to attend such lesson at school. Encounter with paedophile leaves the precious shame and erotic tension, while such lesson at school would result in irrevocable loss of ability to love.

If you had little notion about women, you’d know man always rapes a woman a bit. Women always pretend to resist. You should know when you can make a step, and when not.

We’ll sell [the European Parliament edifice] and turn it into a brothel. The building would excellently serve such purpose.

Jumping out of a window from sixth floor is definitely more detrimental than taking in heroine, however putting up six-floor high buildings is not prohibited.

You can tell all the quotes are example of a joyful oeuvre of a lunatic. No matter, whether the author of all those statements is indeed out of his senses, beyond all doubt he will be one of Poland’s representatives in the commencing term of the Euro-parliament.

The Congress of the New Right [Wing], under the command of its charismatic leader, scored over 7 percent of total votes in the Euro-parliament election in Poland held last Sunday. Having gone through several plights (totalling to more than twenty) in each consecutive election, out of the blue it rose as phoenix from ashes. Nevertheless, its good result should not come as a total surprise, as in the parliamentary election in 2011 it was not much short of exceeding the 5% threshold necessary to mark presence in the parliament (Polish or European). The party is ultra-conservative in social terms and ultra-liberal in economic matters, hence abjectly euro-sceptical.

The high score of JKM’s party could be attributed to low turnout (less than 24%) and general disgruntlement with current shape of political arena in Poland, monopolised by power-wielding ruling party and ever-lasting as opposition another party.

The Congress earned so many votes thanks to support from the youngest electorate. Voters aged 18 – 25 put a cross mostly against JKM’s grouping. If only their votes had been to decide who would win the election, the Congress would go first, PiS second and PO third. The Congress’ success is somewhat similar to emergence of Palikot’s movement in 2011. The party was riding the wave of anti-clericalism spurred by rows surrounding the cross outside the presidential palace post late Lech Kaczynski’s death. They attracted young, tolerant people by socially liberal agenda. During their presence in the parliament they proved in fact they had little to offer and hence in this election, despite allying with some of leftist politicians who had forsaken SLD, its score was below 5 percent threshold.

Many sociologists claim many people who voted in 2011 for Palikot Movement, this year cast votes for JKM’s party. Given the ultra-leftist agenda of the former and ultra-rightist of the latter, the turnabout is likely to prove the voters’ instability and immaturity. I doubt the Congress of the New Right has a cure for all problems plaguing Poland and the EU. Calling all politicians socialists, thieves, proposing to put them all to prison and establish full economic freedom, based on ‘survival-of-the-fittest’ principle would lead to a huge anarchy, rather than to common happiness and well-being. Nevertheless I recognise there are masses of people so fed up what the state of affairs around that they have reached the point in which they have nothing against current order being torn down and taking the risk of starting everything from scratch.

The prospects for the EU are bleak. If one-fifth of all seats in the European Parliament have been taken over by far-rightist euro-sceptics, it clearly signifies trust and belief in the European Institutions had been undermined. The EU is going through its deepest crisis since inception and it is a crisis of self-focus. The EU has reached the highest stage in an organisation’s development, namely its bureaucratic structure has sprawled so far and wide that it can easily waste all its potential on dealing with its own affairs…

The outlook for Poland is miserable as well. Two major parties are going neck in neck in terms of backing. PiS, for the seventh time in a row, enjoying the status of election runner-up, for the first time has seriously caught up with PO. If no major change takes place, i.e. PO will carry on wallowing in complacency, PiS is bound to win the parliamentary election next year (but unlikely to win the presidential election, as in the run-off voters of all parties are likely to unite against PiS). The other story is that it will be rather unable to find a coalitional partner, so endless squabble will become the daily bread…


Predictably, the funeral of general Jaruzelski triggered disputes surrounding not only evaluation of his deeds, but also whether he should have been buried on Powązki Military Cemetary. Eventually it had been decided the funeral would have partly-state character. I personally found the setting thoroughly appropriate. Mr Jaruzelski was buried not among statesmen of merits but among his fellow soldiers with who he fought during WW2.

The sermon by the priest and president’s speeches were wise and balanced and suited well the circumstances and tragic biography of the general. State and church officials rose to the occasion on the funeral day, while those who gathered outside church and sparked row on the cemetery, did not. Most of those people are probably ardent Catholics and sometimes should be reminded as the general departed, only the God has the power to judge him. It does not mean we must refrain from mentioning heinous episodes from general’s biography. Anti-Semite purges in Polish army, commandeering fraternal aid to Czechoslovakia, responsibility for December 1970 massacre, ambiguous assessment of martial law as the lesser of two evils (or coup d'etat) are still drawing a divide line in Polish society – all those facts cannot be erased, nor forgotten, but in the name of mercy a Catholic should exhibit, sometimes it is better to shut one’s mouth.

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Should I ever come across JKM, I'd give the ****** a damn good thrashing. He is either mad, or else cynically stirring up hate-speech for political ends. Either way, he does not deserve the respect usually bestowed upon a piece of canine ordure on a footpath.