Thursday, 30 June 2011

Absolwent SGH

I think my second academic degree obtained in the time of running this blog is not a reason to rename the address of the blog, nor to change the nickname which is quite widely recognised in the Polish-English blogosphere.

The Master's exam I somehow passed today didn't go as smoothly as the Bachelor's exam. Many think such exam is just a formality that marks the end of one studies, at Warsaw School of Economics it's not a piece of cake, but on other hand something doable and not worth the whole stress that plagues would-be graduates. The Polish word obrona, literally "defence", fits quite well the character of the exam, sometimes you have you to prove you deserve the title of MA.

This time, unlike in 2009 I didn't buy and flowers, chocolates, nor any other gifts for the examiners. After all they do the job they are paid for and don't do me any favour that they come. The supervisor of my MA thesis turned up at proverbial "eleventh hour" (three minutes before the exam) and dashed off just after the result was announced, as he hurried to go back to work, the reviewer of the thesis didn't show up at all, but sent a stand-in who didn't even bother to stir up any problems. And the examiner in economics, despite being hailed as "the nitpicker" was surprisingly lenient.

So... If you happen to drop in on the McDonald's restaurant at the corner of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska for a portion of french fries, please place your order cordially:

Szanowny panie magistrze, poproszę frytki


Stefan Kubiak said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Bartek.
I'm sure you'll take the world by storm.
(frequent lurker)

adthelad said...

Way to go Sir :)

student SGH said...


Thx. Funnily enough, the day of my Master's exam coincided with announcement of matura results - the dire "fail rate" would make a good topic for your blog.

Thx. Are you the one from Sweden or Canada? Don't lurk, do comment!

Long way Adam, long way, but another milestone left behind.