Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Gone is the longest day

A small anniversary - this is my 250th post - I'm half way towards being half way to hitting one thousand posts :)

Today a slightly "Jeziorkish" post - I strolled around my neighbourhood between 8:00 p.m. and 9 p.m. to snap some pics during the last hour before sunset. Picked out a few best and shared them here.

To the right - houses and historical (built in the first half of the nineteenth century) church in Stara Iwiczna. Typical for this time of the year in the evening sunrays illuminate northern walls of the buildings.

To the right - ul. Mleczarska which marks the border between Piaseczno and Nowa Iwiczna, here looking north from the intersection with ul. Energetyczna. Traffic not very sparse, but it's the beginning of a long weekend (I fail to notice this being burdened with learning).

To the right - a beatifully sunlit row of terraced houses by ul. Mleczarska in Piaseczno. As I passed by I didn't spot any of the dwellers in their gardens. Ain't it a sin to stay in when outdoors it's so glorious?

Again to the right - yet another view from ul. Mleczarska. The sun is blocked out by a foliage of a tree, but the last subeams manage to break through between the leaves. Magnificent? I'd be wary to  gloat over this photo. The upshot of my mini-outing I present here do not really come up to my expectations...

Surprise, surprise - I'm taking you back to late winter 2010, thaw is in overdrive, big snows are melting to uncover dirt, rubbish and turds.

And broadly the same place almost 16 months later, when summer takes over. Field in the foreground is overgrown with some oak, wheat, potatoes or God knows what else, houses in the background have been completed. All in all the atmosphere of the place remains slightly dull...

I turn around to snap houses on ul. Zimowa, I'm looking west, but the magic is gone after the sun has been occluded by clouds. Rains and storms are about to set in over the night.

Curiosity - to prove how infrequently I dabble in photography some stats - today I took my 2000th snap with my compact Canon and I've used it since July 2007. Shame...

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