Sunday, 15 July 2012

Heavy Sunday...

The length of today’s musings is sponsored by a hangover. I got tanked up yesterday because I planned and wanted and I feel no remorse.

In brief, drinking around half a litre of vodka within some four hours by a 24-year-old male, 190 centimetres tall, weighing 70 kilograms, who used to be well-trained in boozing, currently seldom looking for occasions to indulge in consumption of alcohol beverages can result in:
1) joyful frame of mind, upbeat attitude towards challenges and unwarranted friendliness towards people,
2) not feeling dizzy, nor having problems keeping the balance (to my huge surprise),
3) not having stomach turned upside down and having its contents thrown up inadvertently, albeit it has to be emphasised at the certain moment I knew I’d had enough and drinking a single droplet more could end up very unpleasantly,
4) having irregular blood pleasure and heartbeat – again this body reaction proves to be the biggest peril affecting well-being just after drinking on the day after,
5) sleeping too shortly and waking up at 3 a.m., after mere four hours of sleep (most people sleep well while hammered),
6) being unable to sit behind the wheel for the whole day (better not to play with the fire…) and reluctant to cycle (weather’s perfect in terms of temperature today!),
7) having serious problems to string together a blog post longer than a few sentences,
8) trying harder to acquire some knowledge while poring over the 4th volume of my CFA level 1 textbook.

All in all, the state of intoxication brings about a huge temptation to revert to it more often. This is the simplest path to losing control over drinking and falling into a dire addiction, so it’s much better to resist it and wait patiently for the next occasion…


Alcoholicus Anonimus said...

Don't do it. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Best to stay off the sauce - it does no good in any circumstance. You will be glad you did.