Monday, 6 April 2009


I can’t find the way to abide by the socially accepted rules... I mostly can’t feel sorry for the idiots who make our roads the hell, posing the danger for theirs and our lives. Let’s take the first example – Friday, 3rd April, railway crossing in Nowa Iwiczna. 17-year-old juvenile motorcyclist waits until the freight train heading Okęcie passes through the crossing, then, without second thought pulls out and gets under, or, depending on the account of events, hits into the side of the commuter train heading Radom. I heard the hooting of ambulances running through the main road of the village, but I wouldn’t had known about the accident and wouldn’t had post it, if I hadn’t run across the post below on the (Polish social networking second popular website), on the forum of Nowa Iwiczna.

I was struck by this one – situation is preposterous, guy still lies in the hospital and puts up an ad in attempt to sell off his wreak motorcycle (I assume there was not much left after a collision with the train, even running at 20 km/h). Seems that the providence must have watched over him, so that he got out of it almost safe and sound – only with broken limbs and slightly bruised.

Don’t mind the crash now. Almost all people around feel sorry for such victims of road accidents (although the tolerance for motorcyclists, regarded as organ donors is relatively low). I can’t share that sympathy, the guy described above was not a victim (although one would argue he fell victim to his stupidity), he was a culprit. And the last thing – watch out, Bartek turns into old, grumpy grumbler – where were his parents the hell. Would any parent of sound mind buy or let her/his adolescent son ride a motorcycle. For me unthinkable, for other ones quite natural… The story bear testimony of the changes our new-rich society undergoes.

And another remarkable example

The next day he took back his words, justifying he had not wanted AIG executives to kill themselves. Nobody reproached him – that’s the evidence of public disapproval of the state of affairs in financial giants…

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