Wednesday, 1 April 2009

It’s not a hill, it’s a mountain...

…as you start out the climb!

You would be dead wrong to think I’m in a peak form today, although I should. But I see one glimmer of hope – after I pass it I’ll finally be able to indulge in learning English as a hobby, without worrying about stupid certificates. You know what I think about them, but as long as they’re recognized it’s useful to hold them. Every exam, including today’s and tomorrow’s one is a matter of luck. Moreover, today is April Fouls’ Day, so presumably everything can happen – but apprehensive Bartek doesn’t feel like playing pranks today, I’d rather be teased by them.
Keep your fingers crossed, if anybody still reads this blog. Some say positive approach can work wonders. As my teacher used to say: JAKOSZ PSZESZYJEMY


Michael Dembinski said...

April FOULS' day? :-)

Bartek - Despite the above, your English is better than your average Polish professor of English with a hundred certificates to his name. Don't worry - focus on details.

Bartek Usniacki said...
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