Sunday, 22 November 2009

Trust your intuition

I’d been waiting for a moment like for the last two and a half years. Around quarter past two today something prompted me to head for the railway crossing and take the camera. As I was approaching the destination, still being more than a hundred metres away from it, I heard the double horn of the train. I rushed towards and then through the platform, as late as I could I stopped and took the camera out of my pocket, turned it on and zoomed in. My hands must have been quaking after a sprint and the photo could have been sharper, I could also snap it around a half a second earlier, but all in all I managed to capture the alignment.

The “fast” train from Kraków perfectly coincided with the unit consisting of three Okęcie-bound engines. My goal was to take the picture exactly the moment the fronts of two engines were in one line, which requires a lot of precision and is a rare phenomenon. Still, it’s not what I saw on one sunny Thursday in March 2007, when the front of commuter train heading for Radom, rear of Kraków – Suwałki fast train and front of the Siekierki-bound coal train’s engine aligned in one line twenty metres north from the level crossing in NI, but I feel it under my skin that my patience will be rewarded one day.

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Michael Dembinski said...

A photo of three engines running light from Siekierki on its own would be quite something!