Sunday, 27 October 2013


Just coming over to let you know I'm alive.

When I heard the news of stomach flu decimating staff of my division, I simply shrugged them off and thought it could affect anybody, but me. I doesn't mean I haven't taken precautions to fend off the disease being spread. Despite strictly obeying personal hygiene rules (as always) I somehow contracted it, or alternatively I'm down with some food poisoning - symptoms do not indicate unanimously any of the possible causes why my digestive system has been being turned upside down for the third and fever doesn't ease off, but I hope to pull through by the end of the month. In the meantime I will spend four days on a sick leave, first since two years - good opportunity to catch up with reading and film watching (as soon as the disease eases up).

Will post something substantive next weekend.


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Michael Dembinski said...

Hey, get well soon - a drop or three of red wine does wonders for the digestive system (whatever the docs say:))