Sunday, 10 May 2015

Fever and fireworks

I’m experiencing another period of losing track of everything. Yesterday I learnt TVP had hosted a “debate” in which all candidates, except for the incumbent president, had taken part. Yesterday I found out the two candidates who will vie in the run-off had been grilled by TVN24 on Thursday and Friday. Yet I do not regret much missing out on the home straight of the campaign. Nothing that could have taken my breath away happened. This was the lull before the storm.

Today my parents and I strolled to the polling station later than usual, near midday. Timing affects the perception – coming to cast votes later meant we were not the only citizens fulfilling the civic duty, yet when I glimpsed at the list of registered voters from my streets, our signatures were put first.

Turnout of nearly 50% is quite decent, given the circumstances of general fatigue…

Exit polls results prove the adage “never say never” will never go outdated. Congratulations to Mr Duda for attaining what seemed almost impossible. A serious warning to Mr Komorowski – his poor score is the price paid for hubris. 20% of votes garnered by Mr Kukiz show either Poles ceased to treat politics seriously, or are so fed up with it that they yearn for radical change...

Curious to watch this story unfolding and see you in the run-off.

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