Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Putting a spoke into his wheel?

Diplomacy is one of those realms in which one has to comply with the certain patterns of behaviour, even if they seem unreasonable… That’s why I have conflicting feeling after receiving the news of Polish Prime Minister’s delivering a speech about (doubtless) virtues of balanced state budget and highlighting this as reason why Poland keeps its head above water in the times of downturn. Was it really a dig at reckless fiscal policy of UK, or just a way of emphasising our accomplishments in that field? Tusk didn’t mean (as he claims) to any other economy but more or less involuntarily pounced at failure of Great Britain with its economy declining for the third quarter in a row… Is anybody to explain me if the British media were right to outrage at Tusk’s speech? Was it a blunder to boast about soundness of one’s own economy, while standing next to the Prime Minister of the country engulfed in recession?

PS. In case of MPC (RPP) session – predictably rates are unchanged…

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