Friday, 26 June 2009

A big yawn!

Cause I feel really sleepy. I apologise for the lack of new posts in the passing week – catching up with all the stuff I’ve dropped behind with took it out of me. But am I right to say that it’s better to write nothing than write about nothing?

Today I had the first assessment center ((Br)EN: assessment centre) in my life. I still wonder why did the company I had applied to decide to stage something like that while looking for a candidate for a simple position of intern, but never mind. I approached it very calmly and tackled all tasks rather laid back, and so my group mates (theoretically rivals) did. That’s probably the best recipe and the those are perhaps the best advice to everyone who would take it is: treat it as fun and don’t pretend to be somebody else. The psychological feedback reports are going to be sent to us on Monday, next week the recruiter from the employer’s company will get in touch with the short-listed candidates.
I tried to observe my colleagues’ behaviour to infer who would stand a chance of being hired and I couldn’t figure out, to be honest. Out of four applicants (not counting me in), one didn’t show up (what boosted the odds of remaining our four), one was really energetic but lost her temper, got carried away and lost her temper a few times, one was for me too shy and reticent, another one seemed to be a bit of chaotic. I’m going to find out what my faults were on Monday. Time will tell, as usually.

Before setting off to take the session on Sadyba, I phoned the examination centre where I had passed my London Chamber of Commerce and Industry English for Business Level Fourth exam. If the consultant didn’t make an error it appears that I was given the highest grade (distinction) in both speaking and writing parts. They got the results but the certificates will turn up not earlier than at the beginning of July. I’ll believe when I see it! But hang on… Have the requirements towards the candidates fallen so low? Or
Have the made allowances for my stress under which I undeniably had been? Or
Have I been too critical about my English?

I’ll stick to what I wrote on April Foul’s (sic!) Day: “after I pass it I’ll finally be able to indulge in learning English as a hobby, without worrying about stupid certificates”.

The great comeback of Bartek’s posts is on the horizon – today I’m really worn-out so good night!

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