Sunday, 2 April 2017

The spring explodes

Just for the record – last days of March 2017 and the very beginning of April 2017 brought temperatures in excess of +20C, accompanied by marvellous sunshine. Early first spells of short-sleeve weather have been witnessed in abundance in Warsaw in the last decade; a similar mass of African air came over Poland around the spring equinox in 2014, in 2016 first days of April also saw temperatures well above +20C. While four years ago winter kept Poland in its grip…

Since such weather is conducive to spending time outdoor and I am grappling with piled-up work-related and home-related stuff, computer in recent days has not been the object I have approached frequently. I promise to catch up next with a review of one of most poignant books I have ever read.

Besides, for the record – this is the last post written from my 18th birthday gift. The excellent HP Compaq nx6310 has not given up the ghost but after ten years and seven months in service, one of two hinges of the screen cover virtually cracked (my neglect) and the quoted cost of repair (PLN 200 after haggling) was above my budget for an investment in the device which may break down any time on account of its age. The old notebook still works (wires have not been cut up), but with fractured hinge laying bare wires its days are numbered. I have already purchased a new laptop, but at first encounter, I am not enchanted by it. Pressed by circumstances, I will have to get used to it and then review it, sometime around Easter.

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