Saturday, 9 May 2009


Grass grows under my feet, I’m lying about and feel disturbingly comfortable with it. Has Bartek altered. I usually feel like lazing away at this season the year – after an exhausting day (morning dose of English classes, then proofreading of translated report and wrestling with groundless reservations made by the client) one has a right to sit back on their terrace and catch the rays of sun shining directly from the west, at the angle of 30 degrees – almost perpendicularly to my face.
The only thing I miss is the wireless Internet, the dream of sitting in the garden with the computer on my lap won’t be realised this year – the contract on Neostrada with TP S.A. expires in September, so the chances are rather faint – but the patience is a virtue, so…
The only thing that wound me up today was the e-mail I found late afternoon in my mailbox.

Dear friend:
Dziękujemy za czytanie listu. Mam nadzieję, że poniższe informacje będą pomocne.
Zrobiliśmy handlu zagranicznym od wielu lat na całym świecie i zdobyła pewne udziałów w rynku oraz znakomite reputation. We Jesteśmy firmą sprzedaży elektroniki: telefony komórkowe, LCDTV, Laptop, Motocykle, cyfrowe wideo, Mp4/Mp3, GPS, PS3
Zapewniamy doskonałą jakość i cena wyzwanie. będzie więcej niespodzianek czeka na Ciebie. Dla rodziny, dla przyjaciół, dla siebie, aby wybrać jeden najlepszy prezent, o pamiętnych doświadczeń.
Jeśli masz cennego czasu, odwiedź naszą stronę internetową:
Strona WWW:

Who the hell sells out the e-mail addresses so that the e-mail users are later on swamp with the spam? However, with my antivirus set on maximum protection I took a risk of entering their website. The content wasn’t blocked, the shop actually existed, page might be used for phishing or other type of deception…

All the electronic translators are still far cry from perfection – the outcome is so broken Polish that everybody would easily make out the link diverts to the shady business’ website.

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