Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A barometer of the business cycle?

Who knows? Not me, I have conflicting feelings after visiting the biggest internship fair staged in Warsaw. The event is held two times a year, the autumn edition is organized in my school, the spring one, usually in turn of March and April – in the Palace of Culture and Science… This year’s edition had rather austere setting, I couldn’t see any banner on the facade of the building, the number of exhibitors shrunk by almost a half in comparison with the previous year, the stands didn’t look specially lavishly, rather they arranged it sparingly. Some of the companies listed in the brochure didn’t even appear, number of banks present didn’t exceed ten. I’ve had a few conversations with the representatives, procure a few pens and finally left the Palace to relish on the first blow of spring – now, in the late afternoon I guess I’m suffering from the thermal shock – the weather shift was too rapid for me.

Any conclusions? This is next time I was proved wrong – the crisis hit the industry. I thought companies, including the ones in financial sector, in an attempt to trim the cost would seek after students and graduates to offer the positions of trainees, rather low-paid ones, to benefit from the freshness and ingeniousness of the cheap, but gifted labour force. Luckily, I feel secure about my own professional future, particularly after a chat with a charming female colleague from the personnel department of my previous employer. Future is bright, even in spite of the crisis. The one who can prove their value may sleep restfully.

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