Sunday, 29 March 2009

Google sucks

Or using formal language is unreliable, critically unreliable... Just compare the satellite photos of the same area (my neighbourhood). The most popular service providing the access to satellite maps of the earth includes much outdated photos of Warsaw’s suburbs. It dares to claim the photos are from 2009 (don’t turn me in – I infringed their copyrights!), whereas in fact they were probably taken in 2002! I guess so, because the construction of the estate of terraced houses where I currently live started in May 2003, meanwhile the plot where they stand is one the Google’s photo still overgrown by the shrubs, moreover, shades of the buildings are relatively short – the next proof the they must have been made in late spring or in the early summer. The photos by were in turn taken in summer 2008 (I back up my thesis by the photos of the nearby area that underwent a conspicuous modification), their quality is a bit poorer than their equivalent by Google, but at least they’re up to date. If a Polish website can afford to place current photos, why is it impossible for the American web behemoth? There it is – the task for a discernible eye – find a few differences between these pictures :)

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